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21/09/2010: New DFA Guidelines on the Storage and Disposal of Unclaimed Passports


The Philippine Consulate General wishes to inform the public that the Department of Foreign Affairs, through its Office of Consular Affairs, has issued Foreign Service Circular No. 94-10, which provides guidelines on the storage and disposal of unclaimed passports.

Under the Circular, unclaimed passports can only be kept by the concerned Embassy or Consulate General on active file for six (6) months, after which the said passports will be classified as inactive and will be returned to the DFA in Manila for proper disposal.

Applicants will be given two notices to claim their passports in order to avoid being classified as inactive.  The first notice will be sent to the applicant if, after one (1) month from the passport’s scheduled date of release, the passport remains unclaimed.  Should the applicant continue to fail to claim his/her passport despite the first notice, the second and final notice will be sent one (1) month before the lapse of the six-month period.

Once the passport has been declared as inactive and returned to the DFA for disposal, the applicant will have to re-apply for the issuance of a new passport and pay the corresponding fee of $60.00.

Passport applicants are thus advised to note the scheduled date of release of their passports and immediately claim them in order to avoid the inconvenience of having to re-apply for their passports.

To assist passport applicants in confirming whether their passports are ready for release, the Consulate General will post the list of passports available for pick-up at the following websites: and .  Applicants may also contact the Consulate at telephone numbers: (671) 646-4620/30 or via email to