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Press Release

10 April 2013


Certificate of Not the Same Person (NTSP)

The Philippine Consulate General wishes to inform the public on the following information  provided by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration (BI) about the issuance of Certificate of Not the Same Person (NTSP).

The NTSP is a document issued by the Bureau of Immigration to an individual attesting to the fact that he/she is not the same person listed and/or included in the Bureau of Immigration’s Hold Departure Order (HDO), Watch List Order (WLO), Black List Order (BLO).

  • The applicant cannot directly transact with the Bureau of Immigration online or by mail. The Bureau of Immigration is constrained by the manner of accepting payments, which must be directly received by the Bureau’s cashiers. Out of country applicants must send a representative to file their application on their behalf at the Bureau of Immigration Main Office in Intramuros, Manila.


  • The NTSP may be obtained only through the Bureau of Immigration Main Office, based on Philippine clearances (i.e. NBI clearance, court clearance). The purpose of the NTSP is to attest to the fact that the subject individual is not the person listed and/or included  in the Bureau’s alert lists (Hold Departure Order, Watchlist Order, or Blacklist Order) due to alert lists issued by Philippine authorities.


  • The latest list of accredited travel agencies and law offices that may be hired by concerned applicants as their representatives along with the procedure  and requirements for  NTSP application may be viewed on the following  website link of the Philippine Bureau of Immigration. However, the service fees of these travel agencies/law offices are not regulated by the Bureau.