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Per information from the Philippine Land Transportation Office (LTO), Administrative Order No. RIB-2007-011 entitled “Amending Administrative Order No. 88-002 dated 08 November 1988 – Validating the Expired Driver’s License of Overseas Workers” is still being implemented, except for the amendment on fees and charges pursuant to Department Order No. 2008-38 dated 29 August 2008 entitled “Revised Schedule of LTO-Administrative Fees and Charges on Driver’s License/Conductor’s Permit”. The amended fees and charges are as follows:


License Fee – Professional/Non Professional


PhP 350.00



Expired for less than one (1) year

PhP 75.00

Expired for one (1) to less than two (2) years

PhP 150.00

Expired for two (2) years and more

PhP 225.00


The aforementioned Administrative Order 88-002 authorizes Overseas Filipino Workers and Filipino citizens abroad to renew their driver’s license through an authorized representative while still working and staying abroad. The following are the standard operating procedures:

  1. The authorized representative shall present to the License Section/District Office/Licensing Center the requirements such as original driver’s license and one photocopy, photocopy of the Philippine passport with visa of licensee and letter from the licensee to the LTO requesting the renewal and authorizing a representative to renew the license on his/her behalf;
  2. The License Section/District Office/Licensing Center shall accept renewal, collect required fees and issue/release the owner’s copy of the Driver’s License Receipt (DLR) to the representative;
  3. The Releasing Clerk shall stamp the words “LICENSE ABROAD FOR PHOTOTAKE WITHIN 30 DAYS UPON ARRIVAL” at the right side portion of the DLR;
  4. The License Section/District Office/Licensing Center shall keep on file all the documents until such time that the licensee appears at the LTO office for photograph taking;
  5. The Licensee shall present himself/herself within thirty (30) days upon arrival to the same office where the renewal was made for photograph taking. The Licencee shall present the original DLR, original passport, submit a valid drug test result, medical certificate and surrender the expired driver’s license. In case the original DLR was lost, he/she must submit a duly notarized affidavit of lost DLR.

For applicant within the National Capital Region (NCR), only the License Section of the Central Office may accept such renewal since a fast lane for the processing of licensee of foreigners and overseas Filipino workers is available thereat. Applicants outside NCR may renew at any field office at the option of the representative.