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29 APRIL 2011

The Philippine Consulate General in Guam is pleased to announce that it is now on Facebook.

The Facebook account Agana PCG has been created to enable the Consulate to reach out to as many Filipinos on Guam as possible.  This account, together with the Consulate’s official Facebook page, Philippine Consulate General – Agana, Guam, will be used to disseminate information regarding the Consulate General’s services, projects, recent activities and relevant news, particularly from and about the Philippines.

The Consulate General also envisions that its official page will be used as a Filipino community page, which Filipinos and Filipino associations or organizations can use to promote their activities.

More importantly, the Consulate General would like to use its Facebook account as a tool in collecting more accurate information regarding the number of Filipinos on island.  Based on recent experiences, particularly during the crisis in Libya and other countries in the Middle East and during the natural disasters that struck Japan, determining the actual number of Filipinos affected by these crises was one of the challenges faced by the Philippine Government.

Through our new Facebook account, the Consulate General hopes to be able to establish a reliable and accurate database on Filipinos currently residing on Guam.

As such, the Consulate General invites the public, particularly our Kababayans, to:

  • Visit our Facebook account by entering “Agana” PCG” in the Facebook search engine then click “Add as Friend”;
  • Visit our official Facebook page by entering “Philippine Consulate General – Agana, Guam” then click “Like”
  • Suggest the Consulate General’s Facebook account and page to their friends; and
Send announcements of their organization’s activities and projects, including photos (jpeg file), to to enable us to post it in our Facebook page.END