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23/03/2011: Passport Renewal Advisory

Press Release no.  08-2011

The Philippine Consulate General wishes to inform the public of the recent advisory from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reminding Philippine passport holders to check the validity of their passports and to renew them SIX MONTHS BEFORE EXPIRY to avoid the inconvenience of rushing to get a replacement which now takes 8 weeks or more to process in light of increased passport applications especially during the summer season.

A  Philippine passport is valid for five years, but airlines and foreign countries require passports with validity of six months prior to the expiry date in order to be allowed to travel.

The Philippine Consulate would also like to remind the public once more that since the processing time for passports is approximately eight (8) weeks, Filipinos intending to travel to the Philippines for the summer break need to renew their passports now for worry-free travel.

Currently, the Philippine Consulate charges US $60.00 for passport processing, applicants can check and download the passport requirements and application form at END