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18/01/2011: 2011 Foreign Service Officers Examinations

18 January 2011

2011 Foreign Service Officers Examinations


The Philippine Consulate General is pleased to announce that the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs will be conducting the 2011 examinations for Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) on the following dates:

Part I    -           Qualifying Test                    -           20 March 2011
Part II    -           Preliminary Interview          -           04 & 06 June 2011
Part III   -           Written Test                        -           08, 09 & 10 June 2011
Part IV    -           Oral Test                            -           12, 13 & 14 October 2011
Part V     -           Psychological Test              -           21 – 25 November 2011

Pursuant to the new guidelines on the conduct of the FSO Exams, all five (5) parts will be conducted in the Philippines and no longer in selected Foreign Service Posts as was done in years past.

Filipino citizens who are interested may submit their completed application forms and attachments to the Philippine Consulate General, provided applicants have passed the following criteria:

a.    the applicant should be less than thirty-five (35) years of age on the day of
the Qualifying Test or on 20 March 2011;
b.    the applicant should have obtained at least a four (4) year bachelor’s degree;
(Submission of relevant documents such as transcript of records, diploma or  
certificate   of graduation is required).
c.    the applicant should be a Filipino citizen;
d.    if married to a foreigner, the applicant must secure from the Secretary of
Foreign Affairs, through the Board of Foreign Service Examinations, authority
to take the FSO Exams;
e.    if applicant is a naturalized Filipino citizen, he/she should submit a copy of his/her
Philippine naturalization papers or Philippine passport;
f.    if applicant has dual or multiple citizenships, he/she should submit a notarized
affidavit stating that upon passing the examinations, he/she intends to renounce 
his/her allegiance to all of his/her countries of citizenship

Eligible applicant must pay a non-refundable examination fee of Php.500.00
upon the submission of application forms and other required documents to the Consulate on or before 04 February 2011.


For further information, please contact the Philippine Consulate General at telephone nos. 646 4620/646 4630 or e-mail